Looking for Volunteers for Project ABC - Myanmar 2017

Rakan Raleigh 3

Raleigh Society started a new mentoring project with Boys’ Town. Volunteers are given the opportunities
to mentor 18-20 boys through adventure-based activities over a period of 9 months.

Activitives frequency is around once every 2-3 weeks.

Boys’ Town provides lodging and residential care for boys aged 11-18 who come primarily
from large, troubled, single parent and/or financially needy families.

The objectives of this mentoring programme are:

•To build meaningful mentor-mentee relationships through sharing of life experiences whereby
the mentor and mentee become trusted friends

•To develop more confident and trusting mentees through adventure-based activities

•To inculcate an increased level of social awareness in the mentees and knowing that they are
valuable contributing members of society

Current Projects

   Paying It Forward Through Adventure