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Raleigh Regional Forum

Over the last decade, Raleigh societies in Singapore, Malaysia and HK have been actively pursuing many different adventure-learning avenues which ultimately contribute to the objectives of contributing to the community and youth development.

Raleigh Society Singapore invited our counterparts in Malaysia and Hong Kong to come to Singapore for a forum session to share and to exchange ideas and developments. The forum was held on April 2nd – 3rd, 2005 at YMCA Singapore.

A. For regional Raleigh interested groups ( SG, MY, HK ) to share on past, present projects
B. Exchange ideas and information with sub-interests but related groups like X- Trekkers and HI-Raleigh
C. First Steps towards a potential collaboration in short term projects such as within a 2-year time frame.
D. Explore potential cultural exchanges between Raleigh regional groups for activities.

Agenda on 2nd April, 2005 (Sat)
*Open Session for Raleigh General members and NYC observers
0900-0910 Opening Address - Chairman Raleigh Singapore
0910-1000 Introduction to Raleigh Singapore - Past, Present & Future - Sheau Wen
1000-1015 Coffee Break
1015-1100 Introduction to Raleigh KL
1100-1145 Intro to Raleigh HK
1145-1230 Q & A
1230-1400 Lunch
1400-1430 Youth Development Projects - Sharing by SIF
1430-1500 Service Learning Related industries 1 - Evolvement of Raleigh sub interest groups - X-Trekkers
1500-1530 Service Learning Related industries 2 - Evolvement of Raleigh sub interest groups – HI-Raleigh
1530-1600 Potential Projects in Thailand - Eco-tourism - Benjamin Lai
1600-1700 Wrap up and Q & A
Agenda on 3rd April, 2005 (Sun)
* Closed Session for Raleigh Committee Representatives
0900-1200 Discussion of potential projects, Operasi Ya’ahowu, first steps
1200-1300 Wrap up and lunch
Current Projects

   Paying It Forward Through Adventure