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Rakan Raleigh 2005

Rakan Raleigh 2005

As part of Raleigh Society's continuous effort to serve the Singapore youth community and develop the learning capacity of our volunteers, the Society embarked on a mentoring project with Jamiyah Children Home between April and October 2005. This was led by Bernice Lee, Lee Eer Ling and Tay Chiew-Boon.

The project, Rakan Raleigh, involved 2 groups of youths – 30 teenage youths from Jamiyah and 15 young working adults, who volunteered as mentors to the teenage youths.

The project brought the mentors and the teenage youths together through a series of adventure-based activities such as dragon boating, treasure hunt, rock climbing, obstacle courses, and an outdoor camp.

During this six-month outreach program, the working youth volunteers developed friendships with the teenage youths based on support and trust; and acted as their mentors as they go through a series of adventure-based learning activities which were aimed to improve self-confidence, self-esteem, promote sense of achievement, develop leadership and social skills, and foster sense of belonging and teamwork.

The passion and desire to make a difference in someone else’s life was the cornerstone of this project. Our mentors serve this cornerstone. By providing adequate training, we want our volunteers to be life-long mentors to touch more lives. For the youths, they may one day be effective mentors and role models to other disadvantaged youths. That will be the real success factor of this project.

This project was supported by the Inter-Ministry Committee on Youth Crime and the National Youth Council.

Activities included:

Adventure Sport: Volunteers from the Singapore Armed Forces Commandos imparted skills such as rock climbing and abseiling, and taught them how to overcome a tough obstacle course. The youths were tasked to organise all the events, while assisted by the adult volunteers. This was to allow the disadvantaged youths to develop traits such as leadership, teamwork, interpersonal and organizational skills.  

Two-day race: To develop the sense of learning and putting their skills into use, the teams competed in a two-day race that required all their knowledge and skills they had learnt during the six-month programme. 

Mentors Training: Developing the mentoring skills of adult volunteers is an important part of Raleigh’s work. The volunteers were trained as mentors by skilled social workers from Clubilya to equip them with the necessary mentoring skills.

Read how the mentors and the teenage youths feel about the program =>


“Rakan Raleigh have enriched my life and makes it more colorful and meaningful. I found courage, determination and friendship with mentors and mentees. Hope the children found something in themselves. Feel very touched that most of the children did really overcome their fear to clear the HCC. Hope in life, when met with difficult situation, they are able to have the same courage and determination to overcome them.”
– Li Cheng

"It is a sharing as well as a learning experience to me .I enjoyed the time with the youths….. spending our time together and learn from each other‘s sharing spirit.”
– Row Lee

"Pleasant Surprise Galore!!!!!”
– Chan Peng

"To me, each youth is a first-cut diamond waiting to be uncovered. It’s been both a pleasure and privilege spending time with all of them. It’s been a discovery journey of them as well as myself. Wishing each of the children strength , courage and best wishes for the road ahead!"
- Meta

"It is a great learning journey.” 
– Dominique

"I feel motivated by their enthusiasm and energy level…….”
– Cheryl

"Cheers for more to come and be free……”
– Tiong Hock

"Thou life is full of obstacles, we can overcome together as a team.
~Tough times don last, tough people do.~”
– Cheyenne

"It is fun knowing the youth and congratulations to them for passing the arduous outings with flying colors!”
– Sheryl

"It's your HEART that tells the most about who YOU are!
– Beng Soon

"My first time volunteering…it has been a fulfilling experience with both mentors and youth..they have since given me a different perspective in life , wishing all youth to be true to themselves……..PROUD of all of you!
– Eer Ling

"Things have never been the same since Rakan Raleigh. I made friends with a bunch of fantastic youth .We had  fun and discovered  our strengths and  weaknesses . Thus , we complement each other to become a team.”
– Bernice




“I appreciated what i have learnt from Rakan Raleigh. I also happy to be part of the team.”
- Eddy

"Rakan Raleigh is so good. Thanks for everything.”
- Zahirah

"I appreciated the activities you all have organise. Thanks a lot especially to Hui Ling, thanks for the 20 cents you have gave me.”
- Hanafie

"The Mentors are like my friends. They motivated me a lot. Thanks you
very much….”
- Azril

"Thanks for all the activities you all have organise for us…”
- Azrin

"Thanks a lot to all the Mentors for helping me…”
- Nizam

"To all the Mentors, thanks for all the hard work you have done to me, i appreciate it.Rakan Raleigh Rawks!!!“
- Fathiah

"I felt lucky to be part of the Rakan Raleigh group and i appreciate what i got from the group..”
- Aieen

"I feel greatful to be in Rakan Raleigh group because it teaches me new things in my life"
- Riswandi

"I appreciated the kindness You have given to me.I hope you will not forget us.”
- Ghuzami

"I felt happy and enjoyed being part of the Rakan Raleigh group.Love you all and don't forget team Dua in future.”
- Nadiah

"Specially to Bernice, thanks for all the motivation and encouragement you gave me.”
- Shakeynah

“In my team, I do like the two sisters, Hui Ling and Er Ling,But I still like Chan Peng the most. To all the Rakan Raleigh's Mentors,thanks a lot.Hope to see you again
- Ramdhan

“First of all,I would like to thank the organiser that have done all these for me,my brothers and my sisters. I enjoyed all the activities and games that have been put up for us…”
- Masturah


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