Looking for Volunteers for Project ABC - Myanmar 2017

Project Climb On 2002

Project Climb On, led by Chua Chee Beng, was organised with the intention of giving youths (17-18 years) from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) the chance to pair up with younger youths (13-15) from the Boys Town, an institution that provides boarding and residential care for boys from large, troubled, single parent and financially needy families.

The intention was to give the ITE students (who are members of the school’s rock climbing team) an empowering opportunity to mentor younger youths from Boys Town. It would also give those from Boys Town a chance to form trusting relationships with older peers whom they might identify with. After an induction camp, they trained together on a regular basis, and with help from facilitators, organised a public event Beyond Everest where they took turns to climb an artificial rock wall for 24 hours that equalled the height of Mt Everest, raising funds for charity in the process. The team then went on to an actual climbing excursion in Krabi, Thailand. The entire project spanned nearly a year.

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