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Let's Take a Walk

Let’s Take A Walk I (1997)

The very first Let’s Take A Walk was conceived in 1997 after a group of Raleigh volunteers were inspired by Fyona Campell’s Round the World Walk. Led by Ong Ling Lee, they banded together to organise the round-island walk which would also raise funds for the Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore. The aim was to raise $36,000 by walking 36 hours, 130 km around Singapore. This inaugural walk began on Dec 30, 1997 and ended on Jan 1, 1998 – a memorable and meaningful way to mark a New Year.

The team of 20 Raleigh volunteers and 20 core walkers had no prior experience of organising such an event. They took about four months for the event and route planning, fundraising, logistics preparation, and even physical training for the arduous challenge.

The event was flagged off by Mr Chan Soo Sen, then parliamentary secretary for the Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Community Development. The core walkers who started walking earlier were later joined by some 80 public walkers and friends from the association who cheered them on to finish the challenging walk in pouring rain.


Let’s Take A Walk II (2004)

The second instalment happened seven years later when another group of volunteers, led by Dennis Chai (Chile 98H), felt “crazy” enough to attempt the feat again.

After almost 6 months of intensive planning by about 10 Raleigh members, Let's Take A Walk took place during the weekend of 26-27 June 2004.

The 100-km walk commenced at 7.30am on 26 June from Dover Park Hospice, one of the beneficiaries of the fund-raising event and ended at 11am on 27 June at Suntec City Fountain of Wealth.

The event brought 450 walkers, in groups of at least four, to walk from the central to the west, north, east and finally south of Singapore. Along the way, enthusiastic and cheerful volunteers and supporters were on hand to provide moral, nutritional and comfort support. Food baskets and drinks were readily provided. There were even masseuses on hand to provide comfort and relief to aching and tired muscles.

After the two- day event, a total of S$37,208.61 was raised for the two beneficiaries - Dover Park Hospice and Singapore After-Care Association (SANA).


Let’s Take A Walk III (2006)


Let’s Take A Walk IV (2008)

This instalment, led by Chan Peng and a group of 14 dedicated volunteers, took place on Dec 20 and 21, 2008. The committee worked for months to roll out road shows to publicise the event, and organised walking clinics and training walks to prepare participants.

The walk attracted the largest number of walkers since the inaugural 1997 event. Together, the 907 walkers raised $55,000 for the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) and for Raleigh Society’s upcoming expedition Operation Vannakam 2009. They were also joined by 59 beneficiaries and volunteers from MINDS who walked the final 3km from The Esplanade to the end point at the Singapore Management University, bringing the total strength to almost 1000.


Let’s Take A Walk V (2009)

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