Looking for Volunteers for Project ABC - Myanmar 2017

Our Logo

1) Meaning and significance of signs used

Raleigh Society’s logo comprises a swirling globe in the background and a swashbuckling signature in the foreground. The swirling globe in the background, which represents the sense of camaraderie that exists between the youths in the world, comprises three letters:

A - Adventure,
N - Nurture and
S - Service-Learning.

To sum it up, Adventure is the tool that Raleigh Society employs to Nurture youths, with Service-Learning as a basic foundation. The rugged font used in the foreground conveys a certain sense of bravado and a strong spirit of adventure, in line with Raleigh Society’s values.

2) Significance of colours used

Blue is the colour of the sky and it conveys an all-emcompassing sense of unity that cuts across all races, religions, cultures and barriers. Through the use of the colour blue, Raleigh Society hopes to promote a strong sense of solidarity among all the youths in the world.

Current Projects

   Paying It Forward Through Adventure