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The hospital to be built in Devala would provide free medical services to the people of the village who can’t afford their services. On behalf of CTRD, with the aid of Singapore’s Raleigh Society, 30 lakhs worth of funds have been raised for the free medical services for the villagers. Construction work for the hospital begun last month and is overlooked by Raleigh Society and 52 members of the team.

Medicine should not be considered as a money making business but instead should be as a service to the needy. The necessary equipment is brought in to meet all the medical needs of the needy. Only the needy would receive free medical aid while the rest would have to pay a minimal amount to receive medical attention. 10 lakhs worth of medical equipment is to be bought with accommodations for up to 20 patients.

The hospital would be equipped with facilities for minor surgeries and patient care. Singapore’s Raleigh Society’s President Daniel Tan, together with Nelliyaalam Nagarachi Vice Chairperson Ibrahim and Counselor Segar attended the ceremony for which Muralitharan thanked them for their attendance.



Gudalur June 19, a free medical hospital worth 30 lakhs was to be built for the use of the villagers who can’t afford to seek medical attention. The event was held in the presence of Singapore’s Raleigh Society and other organizations. The construction for the free hospital is said to come up to 20 lakhs while the medical equipment is said to cost 10 lakhs. Many have praised the work of Singapore’s Raleigh Society’s efforts for this commendable act. Many important politicians also graced the event and extended their hearty wishes and congratulations.


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